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Capturing the Portrait in Clay

Instructed by Susan Wakeen

September 23-27, 2019

Time: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Location:Litchfield, CT
Cost: $525 (includes materials), model fee to be split among students.
This class is for all levels
LIMITED TO 10 STUDENTS, Pre-registraion Required
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BrookGreen Gardens in South Carolina

Sculptors and Painters of all levels will benefit from this in-depth exploration of sculpting the portrait from a model.

As you learn the many techniques of observation you will also be taught the value of measuring to bring the portrait to its proper portion as quickly as possible. Students will understand the key bony landmarks and three major structures of the skull as well as how the skull changes with age. Most importantly, understanding the difference between copying what we see and realizing the feeling of our portrait can help bring your sculpture to new levels.

Each student will work on a portrait of their choosing. This unique offering explains how to work from the model and how and when you can draw reference from your photos.

“My recent sculpture of Iris was sculpted from life and sculpted with the use of photos as an aid. Iris lived a distance away and was in a growth spurt! Through the years I developed a special process for accomplishing a likeness in clay both with and without a model. I would love to share this with you.”

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The Figure in Motion

Instructed by Susan Wakeen

November 4-8, 2019

Location: BrookGreen Gardens, South Carolina
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BrookGreen Gardens in South Carolina

Learning to sculpt The Figure in Motion is a journey to understanding how the bending, twisting, or turning of volume and mass gives a sensation of movement, held together by rhythm. In considering the human figure, it is best to first understand how the major masses of the figure interlock with each other. The figure is like a machine and has a mechanical order and structure (Bridgman). Understanding the order and structure, combined with establishing a line of beauty, will help you create a unique sculpture with grace and motion. Each student will be working on his own concepts which will be realized step by step, from pencil to clay. By using the head as a unit of measure, the proper proportions of any age are easily achieved. Knowledge of anatomy will come into play as Susan walks through the major boney landmarks of the skeleton. This workshop is great for beginner students. There will be daily demonstrations and hands on instruction. We will also review how to construct a solid armature. Students are welcome to bring their works in progress for a gentle critique.

With the establishment of the Carroll A. Campbell, Jr. Center for American Sculpture, Brookgreen Gardens extended its educational reach to a broader audience with workshops in sculpture and drawing under the tutelage of nationally known sculptors throughout the year. To contact our sculpture department, click HERE and choose "sculpture" on the contact form.

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Italy Workshops

Instructed by Susan & Sandra Wakeen

September 2020 Dates Coming Soon!

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Join us in Italy for 2 weeks of painting and SculptingSandra and Susan with our host
Federika Pareto

Nestled just below the famous Fiesole hills in Florence, is the charming and historic Villa il Palmerino. On the oldest part of the property sits The Residenza del Palmerino, whose foundation dates back to 1400. Its unique location has preserved a centuries -old fascination with this refined country house. Once owned by author Violet Page and often visited by artist John Singer Sargent Palmerino and its convenience to downtown Florence have become a thriving peaceful, natural, and quiet oasis for artists and art enthusiasts.


NEW! Mentoring Forum

Cost for 6 Lessons via Email, FaceTime, Hard Copy, or Studio Visits (1 hour per lesson):$350

This mentoring program is designed to support the artist in achieving a higher level of technical growth and developing a keen aesthetic sense. My approach is a traditional and classic approach combining the work of the Old Masters with the knowledge of today's Masters.

Students can apply for mentoring by submitting a 4-6 sentence mission statement to Susan.

This statement should include:
  • Number of years practicing as an artist
  • Stumbling blocks (list 3 major blocks)
  • What you hope to achieve in 6 lessons or over the course of a year
  • Your comments or concerns

Susan will lay out a plan that is just right for you. Each lesson is custom designed and based on the student's needs, mission and overall direction.

Assigments or practice exercises will be given after each lesson. Once the assignment is completed and reviewed to the satisfaction of Susan and the student, the next lesson will be forwarded.

Email Us for more information or call Susan at 860.567.5402

Paint or Draw the Portrait from Life

Non-Instructional, monitored by Susan Wakeen

Next Sessions:
April 11-12, 2019
March 21-22, 2019

Time: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
Location: Litchfield, CT
Cost: $25 each class day - (model fee to be split among artists)
Class size: Limited to 8 students - light lunch included

Draw or Paint from the model - single pose for 2 days , single light source per session. Study at your own pace. No need to rush it, the study of a portrait takes time. Enjoy a supportive creative group of artists.

DOWNLOAD Registration Form or call Susan at 860.567.5402.

Life Drawing Class

Monitored by Susan Wakeen - Ages 18 and older

Starts January 8, 2019

Time: Tuesdays from 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
Cost: $12 per session
Email Us for more information

Enjoy the unique perspective of drawing from the model in a relaxed studio environment. Our life drawing sessions are on a drop-in basis and are non instructional. Whether you are a beginner or advanced you will be joining a wonderful supportive group of artists. Bring your own supplies.

If you are planning to join us for the first time please call Susan at 860.567.5402.

Studio Art Class

Instructed by Susan Wakeen

Begins March 20 2019

Time: Wednesdays from 3:30 - 5:30 pm
Cost: $275 for 6 Wednesdays
Class size is limited to 8 Students.
Pre-Registration Required
Email Us for more information

Each class will start with a short discussion and demonstration. Students will gain a heightened skill for observation as they imporve upon their drawing and painting ideas to execute a beautiful worrk of art.

Students will:
  • Learn to simplify forms and see in hte abstract through powerful observation
  • Receive one on one guidance as each student will be tutored through a project of their choosing
  • Receive regular personal critiques

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Private and Semi-Private instruction available

Instructed by Susan Wakeen

Email Us for more information or call Susan at 860.567.5402

For more information on Sandra Wakeen, please visit or email